• Kriya yoga Samsthan – Hyderabad a nonprofit voluntary organization established 21 years ago inthe year 1999 have been a setting example in creating awareness onindividual,social,moral,psychological & physiological developments thus contributing in healthy and well being of citizens.​
  • Kalpataru Ayurveda hospitals are specially designed for treatment of spine/bone/pain disorders.It was established in the year 2009 and working under well known organization of MaharishiDayananda Saraswathi Kriya Yoga Samsthan, Hyderabad.
  • Due to the modernization & inclination towards western culture, India is losing its ancientheritage, Vedic culture & traditional educational system. Even after seven decades of glorious independence, India is still under the influence of slavery and bondage. Illiteracy and unemployment are the major factors affecting the global Indian economy. The influence of hectic day to day life is effecting the mental, physical and physiological development of an individual thus isolating him from happiness, health and mental peace.
  • Taking the above factors into consideration and with an intention to help the needy and uplift the downtrodden Maharishi Dayananda Saraswathi Kriya yoga Samsthan has been conducting state wide awareness camps on nature cure and yoga, ayurveda, vedic science, Indian heritage and culture, Gau – Samrakshana, Shishu-samskara, ancient methods of agriculture, moral development in rural areas, pollution control, youth empowerment, traditional kitchen to maintain the health by following the ancient methods of cooking, etc along with summer camps for school going children.
  • As a part of above Kriya yoga Samsthan – Hyderabad annually conducts summer camps for school going children aged between 8-16 years. During the months of April/may and creating records specifically organizing residential summer camp in grand scale.
  • Currently Kriya yoga Samsthan is celebrating 21 st annual summer camp 2019 at Jain International School, Medchal, and Hyderabad. As usual residential summer camp will be conducted at Hyderabad.
  • From the past 12 years, Kalpataru Ayurveda hospitals researched and developed different kinds of techniques in the treatment of spine/bone/pain related to Neuro-muscular disorders like Lumbar spondylosis (Low back ache), Cervical spondylosis (Neck pain), Sciatica (Radiating pain), Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative changes of spine, Osteoarthritis (Knee joint pain), Rheumatoid arthritis (small joint pain), Metabolic arthritis (Gouty).
  • Apart from this Kalpataru Ayurveda also treats metabolic disorders like Obesity (deposited fat), Diabetes (insulin dependent), hypertension. Female related like Hair and scalp related disorders, Menstrual disorders, Infertility, Thyroid, IBS (Abnormal abdominal pain, Cramping, Bloating, Diarrhoea, constipation, Acidity).
  • Childcare (Immunity, Memory loss, Lack of Appetite, Positive energy, Viral infections Hyperactivity, anxiety, children’s physical and mental health).​
  • Since 12 years KYS Ayurveda hospitals treated all above disorders in a successive pattern with different techniques in different areas of all over India. For the convenience of the patient’s treatment services, KYS Ayurveda established its center’s in various places of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh along with this, now our organization is planning to establish its center’s in different states of India.
  • In this Modern Era, due to life style changes, dietary habits, stress and overweight, 90% of humans are suffering with different types of pain like cervical pain, Lumbar pain, sciatica, Knee Joint Pain, Heel pain etc.
  • Now a day, in every family from the age of 12 to 80 years, one or other suffering with the above conditions. In critical stage of pain, to decrease the pain or for the temporary relief, individuals opting are pain killers in the form of tablets, injections, physiotherapy and taking bed rest, if not getting relief with these factors, individuals are committing for operation.
  • If operation has been fail, there will be critical chances of a bed ridden & may suffer pain and numbness in lower limbs for a life time.
  • Even after the development of extremely modern medical policy, we are not able to see the permanent relief for the sufferers, just there is a temporary relief to balance the situation of pain.
  • In this busy schedule life with many tensions and health issues like HTN, there will be a chances of heart attack and brain clots which leads to paralysis (hemiplegic, paraplegia) . For Paralysis also, except the temporary relief, there is no permanent solution in Modern medical policy.
  • Knee joint sufferers, who not able to walk are opting for knee joint replacement therapy, even after surgery, 70% chances of failure by decreasing the circulation in knees, this leads to In day to day life, due to life style changes, there are increasing cases of diseases in females like infertility, irregular Menstruation, Thyroid, Anemia, and Leucorrhoea, physical & mental stress.
  • From new born baby to 18 years, due to less immunity children’s are suffering with Eye Disorders, Under weight, Mental stress, Anxiety, fear, anger, viral attacks like cough, cold, malaria, chicken pox and Many more disorders.