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Obesity - kalpataru ayurvedic hospitals



  • In human body, the seven fundamental principles that support the basic structure of the body are Rasa (plasma), Rakta (blood), Mamsa (muscle), Medo (fat), Asthi (bone), Majja (bonemarrow), Sukra (sperm) and the eighth Dhatu is known as Ojas. In our body, it takes about 22- 24 days to make a fat substance called adipose tissue, because the food we eat becomes Rasa Dhatu in 24 hours and in that rasa heena bhaga excretes in the form of Mala, Mutra.

  • Then takes place the formation of Rakta Dhatu from rasa Dhatu (Rasa Dhatu -> Rakta Dhatu ->Mamsa Dhatu -> Medo Dhatu -> Asthi Dhatu -> Majja Dhatu -> Sukra Dhatu). Totally 42 days is required in our body to form above Saptadhatus, in which it takes 21 days to make the fat tissue which indirectly provides nourishment and support to all the parts of our body.

  •  Adipose tissue also plays an important role in our body.

  • Fat is derived from the food we eat, which provides smoothness in between the bones, to flex the body parts, also gives good energy when we do not feed our body and also gives nourishment to liver, gall bladder, pancreas and lastly to muscle tissues.

  • These adipose fats travels in blood vessels, stores the fat cells where we needed and utilizes the stored fat whenever are necessary.

  • Usually we are overweight due to high dietary supplements and this overweight is the most common in world from all over countries, mostly in high income families and in affluent families also.

  • During pregnancy and after each child birth, a women’s body is usually more likely to gain weight from 10-12kg.

  • Females with menstrual problems are also at high risk for weight gain, overweight can also occur if our bodies are not functioning properly.

  • Overweight caused by thyroid and pituitary glands in our body is only 2%

  • Especially overweight is caused by eating too much food. If providing food beyond the digestive capacity will slow down the functioning of digestion and bring it to overweight and also by eating without proper timelines.

  • Overweight can be caused by psychological issues like anger, dissatisfaction, loneliness, family strife and love affairs.

  • As the percentage of fat increases in our body, shows the appearance of aged in face and leads to wasting of body.

  • Quality of life

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Infertility

  • Gout

  • High blood pressure

  • Cancer

  • Diabetes

  • Coronary heart disease

  • Arthritis

  • Gall Stones

  • Ayurveda panchakarma and its upakramas like snehana (bahirparimarjana chikitsa likeAbhyangam, pradeha, pariseka etc and antahparimarjana chikitsa like internal administration ofsnehana through mouth and vasthi through anus) and Swedana, greeva vasti, saravangadhara with taila and kashaya, Nasya.

  • Dietary regimen to increase the immunity and to maintain the Dhatus

  • Ayurvedic internal Medication

  • Chiropractics

  • Yogic exercises